Some jobs simply cannot be done without the right forklift. Unfortunately, not all contractors appreciate what their forklift does for them and neglect their payments. Here at Large Lift Rentals, we understand both sides of the equation. That’s why we offer forklift rentals and sales, as well as repossession services when your clients fail to make their payments.

Forklift Rentals and Repossessions

Repossessed Forklifts

We rent and sell repossessed forklifts of just about every size and variety. We have repossessed forklifts for sale that come with our full guarantee of quality and service. Because we are also a full-service forklift provider, we ensure every repossessed forklift is in good condition before returning it to the showroom. We offer small medium and large forklifts in good condition, ready to ship, haul and move your heavy equipment and materials.

We Have in Stock List:

  • Container Handlers
  • Cushion Tire Forklifts
  • Pneumatic Tire Forklifts
  • Electric Forklifts
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Terminal Tractors

Repossession Services

As the largest and most trusted forklift rental, sales, and service provider in Houston TX, we also work with a number of dealers, showrooms, private owners and private sellers who rent, sell and lease forklifts. Unfortunately, too many of our fellow forklift dealers have to deal with buyers failing to make rental and lease payments on the forklifts they use. When this happens the seller or renter needs to recover their property in order for their business to remain viable.

That’s why Large Lift Rentals also provides repossession services for the owners of machines which are in the possession of parties that fail to make their payments. We have both the equipment and the professional repossession experts on hand, ready to recover your unpaid for forklift in the unfortunate event that the renting party should be delinquent on their payments.

After we have recovered your forklift, we can also feature it in our virtual showroom. This will give you access to a wide buying audience, and hopefully help you to recover lost time and money after dealing with a delinquent renter or leaseholder.