Hoist’s T-Series Terminal Tractor

Hoist terminal tractors will help you to keep your trailer loading and unloading process moving smoothly and maximize up-time in your trailer yard or terminal. Recognized as the leader in terminal tractors, Hoist Liftruck is known for terminal tractors that are unmatched in durability, ease of use, and low maintenance.

Hoist's T-Series Terminal Tractor

Hoist’s T-Series Terminal Tractor

Hoist terminal tractors, also referred to as Yard Spotters, are designed to move semi-trailers in a wide range of facility types, from DCs and cargo yards to warehouses and inter-modals. The broad functionality and of Hoist Liftruck makes their brand of Yard Jockey’s applicable to any industry where moving freight and cargo is key. Based in East Chicago, Ill., the Hoist company has been designing and developing terminal tractors in parallel with the nation’s automotive industry.

In April of 2017, Hoist announced the release of its new T-Series liftruck. These modern Yard Spotters are made with 100% American made parts and assembly.

Hoist has effectively reinvented the terminal tractor, with a focus on maximizing efficiency and overall operator experience. To achieve both of these goals, Hoist’s heavy duty liftruck design team re-evaluated every component of previous Yard Jockey designs and added significant value without raising costs. Hoist Liftruck’s container handling vehicles offer you a complete solution for all of your port, intermodal and distribution needs.

Why Choose Hoist Terminal Tractors?

Hoist Terminal Tractors feature the following:

• A fully composite cab that will reduce corrosion for greater reliability.
• A complete driver-oriented design that optimizes driver performance.
• A standard continuously welded frame.
• Hoist incorporates numerous time saving and maintenance friendly aspects in the creation of their liftruck units.
• Hoist’s philosophy is focused on your total cost of operation, and not just the initial price of the truck.